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Reference Dr. Anna M. Theis-Berglmair

„The difference that makes a difference!


The air conditioning system "Biosphaira" makes you experience what "breathe" actually means. The easier breathing relaxes and invigorates the body and thus ensures a feeling of wellbeing.

Thus, the company orbitel-o-systems makes a valuable contribution to the oxygen supply of the body.“

Dr. Anna M. Theis-Berglmair, Bobingen

Customer reference to our sales partner, Dipl. Ing. Thomas Eitzenberger

Just great!

The method of Aquae Bonae for lime refining and thus for limescale protection is ideal.


We have been looking for a long time for a suitable way to counteract the lime in our water, without chemicals and influence on the basic water substance.


A high on one who produces such a result without the use of primary energy. It is amazing how well-meticulous basic research and then practical implementation can bring about such a sense of achievement.


Thanks again for the tip and the opportunity to try it out. We want to use this technique further in the house, because the satisfaction with it shows up with all house residents, Hair washing, drinking coffee, drinking water ...

Reference 5*-Wellnesshotel Seeleiten


Patient study Reiner Ranftl, Photonic Institut (Example of a diabetic)


Opinions of already satisfied customers who have purchased our products...

... "Very soft, very pleasant and soothing pool water!" -Privatperson-

... "All my customers are very satisfied with the AQUAE BONAE water! Our expensive ion exchange decalcification system has been deactivated. Very good drinking, pool and irrigation water." -Michael Oberbauer von Galabau Oberbauer-

... "We are very satisfied with the AQUAE BONAE domestic water. Less cleaning effort. Much better drinking- and wellness-application water." -Naturoase Stegerhof-

... "Changes hard water into soft water-Privatperson-

... ... become one of our happy and satisfied customers!

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