Patient study Reiner Ranftl, Photonic Institut (Example of a diabetic)


Reference Dr. Anna M. Theis-Berglmair

„The difference that makes a difference!


The air conditioning system "Biosphaira" makes you experience what "breathe" actually means. The easier breathing relaxes and invigorates the body and thus ensures a feeling of wellbeing.

Thus, the company orbitel-o-systems makes a valuable contribution to the oxygen supply of the body.“

Dr. Anna M. Theis-Berglmair, Bobingen

Opinions of already satisfied customers who have purchased our products...

... "Very soft, very pleasant and soothing pool water!" -Privatperson-

... "All my customers are very satisfied with the AQUAE BONAE water! Our expensive ion exchange decalcification system has been deactivated. Very good drinking, pool and irrigation water." -Michael Oberbauer von Galabau Oberbauer-

... "We are very satisfied with the AQUAE BONAE domestic water. Less cleaning effort. Much better drinking- and wellness-application water." -Naturoase Stegerhof-

... "Changes hard water into soft water-Privatperson-

... ... become one of our happy and satisfied customers!

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