Kohärente Energie für Jeden.


The Revolution of Water & Air

"More energy is encapsulated in every drop of good spring water than an average-sized powerstation is presently able to produce."

-Viktor Schauberger-

Open the door to your new wellness dimension

Sustainable energy optimization



No conventional energy consumption, no emissions, lifelong and maintenance-free.



Energizing the indoor climate, as well as the water.



Feel-good atmosphere for flora, fauna and humans.

Biosphaira Bel Air 20 

By transforming air and water molecules, new smaller quantum energy coherent molecular structures arise.

„The difference that makes a difference!

The air conditioning system "Biosphaira" makes you experience what "breathe" actually means. "


Dr. Anna M. Theis-Berglmair, Bobingen

  • Effective radius 5 m
  • Office, car, Outdoor


  • Pleasant microclimate

  • Light breathable air

  • Effective radius 20 meters

  • different areas of application

Biosphaira to go

Aquae Bonae Water-Activator


  • Clear, fine, soft water

  • Hard water protection

  • House- & Poolwater

There has been no hard water problems since the Aquae Bonae water-activator was installed."

Much better drinking water, soft and very good tasting!" 


5-Star Wellnesshotel Seeleiten

Transformer MP-Stick

Vitalenergiestab Torus

  • Personal energy provider

  • Optimum energy regulation

  • Pulsed biophotons energy field

  • Effective radius up to 7 meters

Overall, the functional activity, as well as the regeneration and adaptation of the cells (immune system) has improved!"

Reiner Ranftl, Photonic Institut

Tesseract current-accelator

Evidenz: „Stoves and ovens are directly at the desired temperature. Lamps are not getting hot anymore"


  • direct spin current

  • Without diffuse electrosmog

  • Fast heating & cooling

  • Cost reduction & efficiency increase

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