Kohärente Energie für Jeden.

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The Revolution of Water & Air

"More energy is encapsulated in every drop of good spring water than an average-sized powerstation is presently able to produce."

-Viktor Schauberger-

Open the door to your new wellness dimension

Sustainable energy optimization



No conventional energy consumption, no emissions, lifelong and maintenance-free.



Energizing the indoor climate, as well as the water.



Feel-good atmosphere for flora, fauna and humans.

Biosphaira Bel Air 20 

By transforming air and water molecules, new smaller quantum energy coherent molecular structures arise.

Biosphaira, Kugel, Tetramer, Torus, Technologi, leiche Luft, Mikroklima, Wohlfühlen, Mehr Luft,

„The difference that makes a difference!

The air conditioning system "Biosphaira" makes you experience what "breathe" actually means. "


Dr. Anna M. Theis-Berglmair, Bobingen

  • Effective radius 5 m
  • Office, car, Outdoor


  • Pleasant microclimate

  • Light breathable air

  • Effective radius 20 meters

  • different areas of application

Biosphaira to go

Aquae Bonae Water-Activator

Seeleiten, Wellneshotel, Kalkschuz, Wasseraufbereitung, Wasserfilterung, Kalk, schmutziges Wasser, weiches Wasser, rechts drehend, Torus, Tetrmer, Hauswasser, Poolwasser


  • Clear, fine, soft water

  • Hard water protection

  • House- & Poolwater

There has been no hard water problems since the Aquae Bonae water-activator was installed."

Much better drinking water, soft and very good tasting!" 


5-Star Wellnesshotel Seeleiten

Transformer MP-Stick

Vital, Energie, Torus, Energiespeder, Regulation, Biophotonen, Bio, Photonen, Energiefeld, Wirkung, Wohlbefinden, Regeneration, Immunsystem, Zellen, puls, Transformer, Stift

Vitalenergiestab Torus

  • Personal energy provider

  • Optimum energy regulation

  • Pulsed biophotons energy field

  • Effective radius up to 7 meters

Energie, Vita, Stab, Energie, Energiespender, Regulation, Optimieung, Immunsystem, Anpassung, Bio, Phtonen, Zellen, Biophotonen, Energiefeld

Overall, the functional activity, as well as the regeneration and adaptation of the cells (immune system) has improved!"

Reiner Ranftl, Photonic Institut

Tesseract current-accelator

Evidenz: „Stoves and ovens are directly at the desired temperature. Lamps are not getting hot anymore"


  • direct spin current

  • Without diffuse electrosmog

  • Fast heating & cooling

  • Cost reduction & efficiency increase