We generate coherent energy

Coherent energy corresponds to a same-swinging, harmonic energy pattern. This biophoton vibrational pattern complies with that of human cells and the  DNA.


This form of energy ensures optimal supply and regulation of the human energy balance.

T³- Tetramer-Torus-Technology

It's time for future technologies. We invested a lot of time in our technology conception, out of practice, as a radiophysics and industrial technician with studies in electrical engineering, physics, ecology, business administration. As a Demeter nursery with ecological gardening and landscaping, we were never satisfied with the normal tap water quality and developed this new technology through interdisciplinary research and application.


- Many ingenious developments disappeared into drawers, knowledge and know-how were lost -

Now we see in the circle of acquaintances the use of "science fiction" quantum field technologies, which are rated neither by the mainstream nor by skeptics as "feasible". But for decades, quantum physical phenomena have been used "broadband technologically" industrially in everyday techniques, such as the tunnel diode, the MOSFET transistor and the hyperfine structure energy level splitting in atomic clocks.

We gain new conceptual synergies bionically from theory, technology, nature and practical experiments. Nature optimizes and supplies atoms, molecular structures with coherent energy. Examples are:

  • binding energy from the so-called quantum vacuum

  • energy and energy optimization in photosynthesis,

  • and quantum energy coherent tetramer structures.


The complex electromagnetic equations of Maxwell's field formations in 1864 and 1873 led him conclude that the universe had a unified, unvarying = coherent supply energy field.


 „The old technology fathers probably had much more knowledge than us!“


A quantum energy field with subfields such as the virtual photon zero point energy field that provides the photon energy exchange particles for any electromagnetic interaction. Without this field, nothing would work in electrical engineering


Our Tetramer torus technology combines nature and technology for sustainable and holistic natural and energy physics. Tertramer hyperstructures couple and scale as more efficient biocatalysts to the coherent quantum energy primal field. The Torus is a universal basic function, design and energy principle of the universe.


  • With our Tetramer Torus technology concept and products we transform the normal hard, hardly inhalable air, into silky light and easily breathable resort air.


  • Hard lime-mineral water turns to soft, fine-mineral, clear and fresh wellness water and prevents calcification of water infrastructures and saves a lot of money.


  • At the same time, we provide and supply the field of application of our products with clockwise rotating coherent biophoton energy.


  • Electricity is superconducting, hobs and oven are fast to the desired temperature. Diffused electrosmog charge current is neutralized by direct spin current. 

With our products, we want to sustainably increase your quality of life and health.

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