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Our Story

"Be patient, all things are difficult before they become easy."

-French Proverb-

Our focus on sustainability and high quality products enabled us to develop these revolutionary innovations.

Our story started in 1990 as a Demeter-farm. It has always been our intention to provide people with high quality natural products. Later, as Demeter organic nursery Ambrosia, we were always researching improvements, especially in terms of water supply. The normal hard tap water was not optimal for our seedings.

Also for household use we became increasingly uncomfortable with normal tap water, so my husband researched alternatives and finally came to our first product of the company and brand AQUAE BONAE. Domestic water- & poolaggregates, which positively change the water with our unique, completely natural technology.


My husband was supported in the intensive years of research and development by our children. Gabriel Rawitz, who studies physics and then energy and environmental engineering. Elias Rawitz, who is already an energy and environmental engineer and is currently at the finish line of his Master of Energy Engineering. Sarah Rawitz with a apprenticeship as a laboratory assistant. Without their help and support, we wouldn't be at this point today. Only together great things can be achieved!

After successful implementation of these AQUAE BONAE domestic water and pool aggregates with a high number of best references as well as expert reports, further research was carried out besides production and distribution with the question: "Is it also possible to optimize air?" In the following years we gain new concept synergies from theory, technology, Nature and practical experiments. This resulted in new production varieties with the resulting new products. The Biosphaira Bel Air 20 and the Tesseract current accelerator.

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